Friday, 14 August 2015


1. Attend your school/college/office ceremony

It is not a holiday. If you are present at your college or workplace, please do watch the national flag unfurl and stand with your eyes shining with pride. It a chance for you to remember what our ancestors did for your freedom.  And pay homage to those great souls.

2. Stand straight, shoulders broad and chin up during the national anthem. Be proud of it. 

Putting your right hand on your heart and singing the anthem is not practised in our country. You need to stop doing that.

3. Donate. Help. Empathize. 

A few clothes, food or any other necessary commodity to the needy.
Better still, why don't you provide for the lunch of the kid who comes and cleans your windshield or sells you the flags and other things at a traffic post?
Make that child believe that good people are still out there.

4. Pick up the national flags lying around after 15th August.

A national flag lying on the streets and people walking on it is a crime, punishable by the Indian Law.
Besides, it is our moral responsibility to see that our national flag isn't disregarded.

5. Celebrate the soldier near you. 

We all put up floral tributes and messages for the soldiers on social networking sites.
How about giving a rose to an ex-army man from your neighbourhood?  How about knocking at his door early in the morning with a rose and a simple thank you?

6.  Do something Pro bono

In Latin, it means doing some skilled work free of cost for the public.
How about lawyers providing free legal aid to someone who needs it, doctors going for free surgery or electrical engineers setting up solar panels in villages?

It doesn't mean free check ups or where you diagnose the patient and let it be. Follow up with any investigations and surgeries till the patient is cured.
Lawyers, fight the case to the end.
Engineers, when they come and complain about its malfunctioning someday (which they will).....listen and fix it.

7. Students, why don't start planting trees or clean up the garbage?

India has a large student force, and if this force volunteers at something. ...we are sure to get success.
Again, I don't mean plant a tree and leave it as such, become responsible for the plant till it becomes a tree.

8. Be the change you want to see.

The youth of India. A strength unheard of. Change your display pictures, share patriotic videos and share your views. stopping that; but don't be limited to that.
Do something that will make you feel proud of yourself.

After all, India belongs to us.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Independence Day.
Jai Hind!!!

Picture Source: Google Images