Saturday, 24 September 2016


When you are three,
And your dad's friends visit you
With their families
Your best friends are those
With whom you share your favourite toys.
And if they're lucky, your chocolate

When you are seven,
Busy solving your long division,
Your best friends are those
With whom you share your lunch box.
And those whom you invite to your birthday party

When you are eleven,
Figuring out life outside the cartoon channels
Your best friends are those.....
Who explain that maths sum to you
Who ride on the same bus as you

When you are thirteen,
You are coming to terms with your body and sexuality;
You realise that being an adolescent is never easy
Your best friends are those who have the same crush as you,
Those who lie so that you can sneak out with your boyfriend.

When you are sixteen,
You have no idea how your life will span out.
The pressure of the boards and entrance is killing you.....
Your best friends are those
With whom you can have a laugh whenever you want;
Who, like you, are on the run, from school to coaching to tuition

When you are eighteen,
And you make a transition from school to college,
You realise, the difference between acquaintances and real friends
The number of friends has decreased, but their value increased.
Your best friends are those who are on the same page as you,
They wipe your tears, and celebrate your joys;
 With whom you share your horrible viva experiences.

At this point you realize,
How friendship has changed for you, over the years....
The tag was the same- best friends. 
Your perception changed, and along with it,
The faces of the people you called friends.

You realize that like you,
Others have changed as well
You are talking to faces you never thought you would;
You are trying to avoid faces you never thought you could.
But life's like that my friend!
It is all about knowing which hand to hold
And which one to let go!

One day, when you look back, you'll smile
And silently whisper a thank you
To the big guy upstairs
For sending such angels into your life!


Picture Courtesy: Google Images