Thursday, 31 December 2015


It is Christmas and New year again! Before we knew it, a year has passed and made us all hopefully wiser and better. I remember a quote which aptly represents my feelings about a new year- 'Its funny how day by day nothing changes, yet when you look back everything is totally different.' I haven't been able to write anything here for quite a while, because I have been kept occupied with something or the other. Nothing noteworthy; but you know..some errands here and there.

Personally I'm not much of a party person. For me, parties have to be with those whom you love to bits. I always used to think that partying with people, staying out till 3 am in the morning would be the ideal way for a new year. But with time, and a few wasted new year evenings I realized that I did not actually like them. I would rather watch one of my favorite movies on TV with something to munch on, quietly whisper a happy new year to myself and then go to sleep. 

 2015 has been a big year in terms of a lot of things. We probably say this after every year. Maybe that is how it works. So it will be 2016 soon, the holidays will end, people will get back to work, schools and colleges will reopen and we go on with our lives. We just need one night with our family and friends to celebrate the fact that we made it through another year. And we are still going strong. To quote the teenage girl inside me, 2016 will be an exciting year with Game of Thrones coming out in April, then Harry Potter and the Cursed child and in the list of honorable mentions is of course Sherlock.

This time though, all I want to say is maybe....maybe we could make a resolution about being more tolerant. India has been the home of religious and cultural pluralism for centuries. With increasing social networking sites, it has become really easy to voice our opinions. Well, we should speak our mind-that is the cornerstone of a healthy democracy. But with this right to freedom of speech comes great responsibility. A duty to be a more responsible citizen of our country. These killings based on beef and idol worship are beyond any comprehension. But there is also something else. The moment you say something which is not widely accepted on the social media, you get a lot of hate messages, threats and so on.

Guys, come on, this is not tolerance. This does not comply with the very foundation of our nation. Your opinion is definitely not the best one out there. People have a right to their own opinion. You don't share someone's view about something, it is fine. You don't have to respond harshly to everything you hear. Also, saying something against your country doesn't mean it is anti-national. It is possible to love your country and still be able to voice out your fears and opinions. We come from the land of 'unity in diversity'. Unity doesn't mean that everyone will have the same opinion and do the same thing. It means walking together, hand in hand, despite having a difference of opinion. It means working together to get those kinks out. Surely we can behave better.

Anyway, it really is new year. It is the time to enjoy. If you had a great time in 2015, carry the momentum into 2016; and if you had not-so-good a year then don't worry, things will change soon for the better. May you have a heart of courage, a mind of will and may you get whatever you desire always at your will.

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016!!!!!


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