Friday, 6 February 2015


I'm back! I admit......this hiatus wasn't proper. And even if I'm not that good a writer, I have started having these total blackouts in front of the keyboard (#writersblock).  But you see, I am going through some tough times myself and to be honest, I am waiting for a few things to clear up.

I still have no idea what to write. So I guess I'll be telling you mostly about what this blog is intended to be.

In this fast paced 21st century world, we are in a never-ending competition. I'm still figuring what is so precious waiting for us at the finish line. This fight for survival is enough to make us forget our inner voice, our passion and run for something we don't even know about.

The regular drill of the day, from the moment you leave your bed to the time you tuck yourself back in, it can really be tiring. Its funny how day by day nothing changes, yet when you look back everything is different. People say you are fortunate to have what you have- there are people who are in worse conditions, but that doesn't really solve our problems, does it? If anything, it makes us feel guilty about not being to handle 'seemingly easy' things properly. So fight. Life is too short to put up with things you don't like.

Take time to enjoy things you like. Do something that gives you satisfaction. Something that can transport you to another world, and give your life a reason. In addition to your daily chores, do something worthwhile. Appreciate yourself. No matter what others say, take pride in what you do.
Don't bother if your idea of fun doesn't fit the general idea. Go ahead and create your own definition of life.

There are a million things in the world that are waiting to change you, turn you into someone else. And just to stay who you are, its a struggle.

This blog is just a sincere attempt to put myself out there for you.I want to explore with you life's everyday struggles and simple joys. I want to be someone's voice. Like you could read one my posts and say- 'Hey that's totally me!!!' Coming to the selfish part, I want to write just to keep my hobby and passion of writing alive. To give shape to my thoughts and ideas. To tell the world how I learnt to fly.
It is for all like-minded people out there, whose views are just limited to tea-time chats and drawing room discussions. I sincerely hope to do justice to the title and to myself.