Sunday, 19 July 2015


As I flip through the albums in the closet,
A wave of memories hits me.
I am reminded of the days gone by
Days of innocence and joy.

What fun it was, going to school
Bringing back just homework, not suppressed anger
Oh what fun it was playing in the neighbourhood
Coming home with scrapped knees and elbows,
Not emotional injuries that cut through the heart

Celebrating the rain, not cursing the traffic.

Climbing the trees just to see what the world from above looks like.
A cricket match in your area...
Held more promise than the stock market.
The Mickey Mouse watch gifted by your friends
is always more special than Rado and Rolex…..
Where maturity didn’t come in the way of living your heart out.

The summer hols, with cousins and friends.

The afternoons had no time for boredom.
Full of cartoons, books and ice creams and toys,
And huge fandoms Power Rangers and Ben 10.
Trading cards of WWE, and Pokemon.
Delightful; in the truest sense of the word.

The birthday parties with the funniest hats possible.

The cake, candles and the chocolates.
You didn’t need facebook to remind you your friends’ birthdays.
Their lunch boxes were always tastier than yours.
Mornings started with Bournvita
And treats meant homemade sweets.
The innumerable marbles and gums we ate,
Just to collect the stickers and tattoos.

Love was unconditional, and fights transient.

Lived as if there was no tomorrow.
People ask all the time
What do you wanna do when you grow up?
I am a grown up and I have an answer now……
I wanna be a child again.


PS: The above-written poem is a memoir which celebrates childhood. As I turn an year older today, and enter the real world, I can only hope that the innocence of childhood and the joy of those days should guide and inspire my journey ahead. :) 

Picture Credit: A Donald Zolan Painting.