Saturday, 10 January 2015


So here it is. My first post. And a baby step towards a bigger dream.
Let me start by sharing my favorite story. Don't ask me where I read it or heard it; I don't remember. But the message has continued to stay with me. 

There was once a Captain in the American Air Force who was quite brave and valiant. He was known for his courage and his ability to take calculated risks. Once, during the Vietnam War he was flying his chopper and took a risk which went horribly wrong. The chopper was shot at and if it was not for his parachute he would never have survived. He was captured by the Vietnamese. Eventually he escaped. He was lauded as a hero on his return and went on to win many medals. 

Years later, he had retired from his service as a distinguished officer and was dining at a restaurant when this man, almost his age, walked upto him and said "You are the Vietnam War hero, I know all about you, the crash; you shouldn't have made that turn........" The soldier got confused and asked, "i'm sorry, but do I know you?" To this the other man silently replied- "I was the guy who packed your parachute that day". 

So it is with our lives. We become so engrossed in winning the race of life that we never pause for a second and think about our support team-our family and friends. Truth be told, it is impossible to survive all alone in the world. Our family and friends are always there for us, forming a cushion in case we ever fall down. They are the ones who always wish the best for us and are prepared for the worst. As we take on the world, it is they who pack our parachutes. To whom we can always go back. 


So seize the day. Tell your loved ones how much you care for them. Be grateful for all they have done, even it was just their mere presence in your lives.Go tell them that you are thankful for the safety net they provide. Don't be like the soldier- he won the war.....but lost the ultimate battle of life.