Sunday, 15 February 2015


Pretty easy saying huh??
Done deal. Where will you get the sugar from? Or the water? Life just handed you a bunch of sour lemons....nothing else.

What is the recipe for the lemonade?

You are thinking. Hard. And you are fed up. You are tired of holding on, you are scared. You are scared about what tomorrow will bring. You have hit an all-time low with wounds which require a lifetime to heal. You pray for change. And the change you prayed for makes a turn for the worse. Some people about whom you cared surprise you with their indifference. And You hit hard. You bruise yourself in ways you never thought you would. 
And you cry life is unfair. That life has handed you sour lemons. 
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You get the sugar from life's small joys. Small, insignificant things. Like a Sunday. Like your favorite movie playing on the TV. Like reading excerpts from your favorite book. Like getting bad food instead of getting worse. Like a class being cancelled at the last moment. I guess it stems from the fact that you grab on any small thing that comes your way. That is sugar for you. You struggle to show life that you have one reason to smile.

Did you ever notice a bird building a nest? Or a silkworm spinning its cocoon? It takes a lot of time. And energy. But you know what? It is their only chance at a better life. There are a thousand calamities that could destroy them. A strong wind, or rain pelting. That is how you gather water for your lemonade. You are working real hard on adjusting yourself. You are trying to find yourself, make your life more meaningful. You are trying to strike a balance between how much to let go and how much to hold on. This effort is ground-breaking. Strong winds of self doubt and lack of confidence threaten to blow you away. Sometimes rain might wash everything and you have to start from the beginning. Compare this to your collecting water for the lemonade.

There you go. Now you have it. Lemon, sugar and water. You are dying from thirst. But you still make it. With eyes brimming with tears, and hands too tired, you glance at the heavens and make that one final push. Occasionally another hand may reach out to help you. Recognize whose it is. And never let that hand go out of your life. 
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Life gave you the lemons, you effort at 'normalizing' things got you the water and you collected the sugar granules from here and there. Do you know how pleasant it is when you get water when you are really thirsty? You get that feeling. You're ecstatic. You survived something. The bruises are healed. Instead of putting a band-aid on it, you left it as such and trusted your soul to do the healing.
Maybe you didn't win, but you moved on. And you are never the same again.

That is when you put your chin up and proudly say- "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade out of it!!!!"
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